How Is This Different From Private Coaching with Dana?


The obvious difference is the number of people on the phone at one time. You and me vs. you and many. Keep reading though…

The ADHD Success Club uses the same great material and techniques my private clients pay hundreds of dollars more for each month. But, because there is a group learning together, Success Club members get a hefty price break.

Success Club members still get coaching from me on the calls to work through particular situations. You can ask me questions during the Q & A and between calls in the Secret Facebook Group.

Frankly, I think the Success Club is WAY better than private coaching. I can teach you what I know you need to know without getting pulled off on tangents.

You learn a lot from listening as I coach others in the group. And, the really great part? You have a community. You’re not alone struggling with ADHD. You’re suddenly part of an ADHD family dealing with much of the same stuff you are.

Results between The Success Club members and Private Coaching Clients are the same. Show up. Do the work. You’ll get results.

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